Mission Statement

This organization is organized for the purpose of forming safe and legal alternative youth activities. Various events are to be planned for alternative sports consisting of skateboards, aggressive rollerblading, and freestyle BMX biking. A community facility is a must to promote a safe and good relationship with youth and private property owners. The youth in the organization will have the responsibility to monitor the proposed public facility for upkeep and fellow youth cooperation. Various events are to be held with youth involvement for community education and awareness. The youth targeted are ages 10-18, however not limited to those ages. Funding sources will be the responsibility of the organization's youth with businesses' and parents' help. The youth will learn how to use their mental resources and work together for the good of the community and fellow youth. The organization's ultimate goal is seek betterment of the Marshfield community through youth involvement. Adoption of this mission statement should commence as of March 1, 2000.




E-Mail: Marshfield Skatepark